Global affairs Canada- department of foreign affairs and trade development is an integrated Emergency WASH and livelihood for drought and conflict affected population in lower juba, Somalia 2016. The project started on 1st may 2016 and ended  the 28th February 2017. The project was implemented four sites in Badhade district, namely Waraq,  Hida, Kulbiyow and Kamboni.


  • The project has supported 400HH’s for 3 months through conditional cash grants (cash for work activities) with each HH receiving 90USD.
  • The project has supported 150HH’s for 3 months through unconditional cash grants with each HH receiving 60 USD.423HH’s were supported with restocking of livestock (goats) with each household receiving 5 goats hence improving the lives of the pastoral drop outs.
  • The project has successfully carried out emergency water trucking support during last year drought season which supported 700HH’s in 7 project sites.
  • Construction of 300 shared communal latrines whereby approximately 900 household have benefited, hence reducing cases of gender sexual violence mostly to women and young girls.
  • Successfully  completed the rehabilitation of Waraq borehole which comprised of construction of water tank with a capacity of 40M3,  procurement of generating set 30KVA deuts, construction of one  new water kiosk and rehabilitation of one  old water kiosk, rehabilitation of 1 water kiosk and construction of 2 water troughs.
  • The project has also successfully conducted training to 45 water management committees (40 in Raskiamboni and 5 in Waraq) and 30 community based  hygiene  promoters (15 from Waraq  and 15 from Raskiamboni).
  • Through the trained community based hygiene promoters, the project has carried out PHAST training whereby so far 5,439 individuals have been reached with information, education and sensitization.
  • Rehabilitation of 8 public shallow wells in Raskiamboni, up to date these shallow wells are in use and approximately supports 1724HH’s in Raskiamboni.
  • The project has targeted to support 400HH’s vulnerable households with poor hygiene  and sanitation practices with hygiene  kits as per Somalia WASH cluster standard