In the implementation of the BRACED programme to build absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacity,  WASDA was able to achieve  the  following:


  • Conducted capacity building of RACs on CMDRR approaches whose outcomes were  as follows:
  1.  Strengthened the capacities of resilience adaptation committees (RACs) on CMDRR methods, how to carry out risk, vulnerability and capacity assessments.
  2.  Development of CMDRR plans
  3.  Linked resilience adaptation committees s to key County/national departments (Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Trade and Cooperatives, Environment, NDMA and department of social service)
  4.  Linked CMDRR plans to County Integrated Development plans (CIDP).
  • Conducted community advocacy trainings on county planning and budgetary processes to enhance project beneficiaries understanding of their constitutional rights of public participation.
  • Organized and conducted community dialogue sessions on natural resource management to debate on challenges facing natural resources and how to curb them. 
  • Formed ward adaptation and planning committees whose roles is to consultatively develop ward and inter ward levels community proposals that will be funded from Wajir County climate change fund act.
  • Trained ward adaptation and planning committees consisting of 44 members (32 male and 12 female) on internal governance and advocacy.
  • Linked 50 village saving and lending association (VSLA) groups to crescent takaful sacco (CTS) to access sharia compliant loans and get resilient business management skills. 
  • 510 in school safe space boys and girls age 10-14 and 480 out of school girls age 15-19years were trained on life skills
  • Trained 480 out of school girls age 15-19 years 
  • In partnership with MercyCorps WASDA conducted sexual gender based violence (GBV) trainings, women networking events and male only platform forums to discuss and redefine emerging forms of masculinity and role of men in building household resilience during times and shocks and stress.
  • Conducted radio talk shows disseminating vital messages on girls child education, women in leadership and economic empowerment, gender responsive budgeting (GRB) and natural resource management